Best way to gain weight

Here is a quick round up on the best way that you can gain weight>

The short answer is GO TO THE GYM!!

Yes there are many skinny guys out there, who think that gym is only for people who want to lose weight but it is really not true. You can't gain weight even if you are eating a lot of calories UNTILL YOU visit the gym and TELL your body to GROW!!

It is as simple as that, no weight lifting NO GAINS!

BUT hey hey hey, do you i hear you saying that i am already going to the gym but still not getting the results. The reason is that you are working out the WRONG way!! (Are you doing much of cardio exercise, are you NOT taking Natural supplements?)

STOP doing Cardio exercises they will NOT help you at all (They will reverse the benefits you are already getting)

Mind you, start going to the GYM. If you do not have time work out for 3 days in a week (Just the way that i did)

And you WILL, yes YOU will gain weight no matter what genes you have or how you have been for years..

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