Why to avoid cardio if you want to gain weight

Cardio exercise are those that burns more calories in the body. You should avoid doing cardio if you want to gain weight.

Example of cardio exercises:
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Skipping ropes
Ok but why?
When we do cardio exercise our body burns the calories. It burns the fat in our body and sometimes losens up the muscles. It is good for people who want to burn fat or lose weight.

Should you stop doing Cardio at all?
No! Cardio are important for well functioning of the body and keeps the heart function and other well. So it is advisable that you do cardio but NOT more than once in a week. Or may be twice.
  • Do not do cardio after/ before strength training (lifting weights)
  • Swimming is one of the best cardio exercise
  • Cardio should not be done empty stomach.
  • Cardio should be preferably done in the evening (so that it burns more fat than damaging muscle)
Now that we have all the basic information set. In next chapters i will show you exactly how to take action.

"Knowledge that is not used is a waste"
So let's put what we have learnt till now to action!

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