Why are you skinny

So the first question that comes into your mind probably is why am i skinny and other not even when i eat a lot?

There could be several reasons for that like:

  • Genetics
    Yes, genetics is one of the most important factor that determines not only your body weight but everything else about it.

    But can you win the war over genetics? The answer is yes and a bit of no.

    Yes, you can change a bit about what you got through genes from your father and mother BUT no you cannot bring a drastic change.

    The main point here is that you CAN, yes you CAN get desired results. Don't go and sit down outside the gym thinking that because everyone in your family is skinny you are going to stay the same way no matter what.

    With proper techniques and exercises you too can gain good weight and health.

  • Eating Habits
    So you have made your body accustomed to the eating habits that you have been following over the years.

    Do you overeat? Or do you skip your breakfast or do not eat anything for hours? you do not count your calories? These are some of the mistakes that you should avoid.

    In this blog i will give you all the things that you should do (and not do). Results will follow but you will have to be a bit patient.

  • Exercising habits
    So someone in your school told you that by working out for hours in a gym will make you grow big?

    WRONG! without understanding the nut-bolts of gymming you can seldom get good results. One of the biggest myth is that if you spend more time working out the results will be faster. This is a big mistake that noobs commit and in fact this is exactly what should not be done.

    Exercise should be planned properly. (In this blog you will learn how to plan your exercise to gain more weight)

  • Life style
    Sleeping late.. waking up in the afternoon? Hello dude, your body is not programmed to work that way. If you do not fit your schedule according to the nature's time your body will suffer...

    That's probably another reason why you are not gaining weight.

  • Stress factor
    Are you stressed? Stress can burn your blood like anything. Scientific tests have showed that a man who is stressed is in worse condition than who does not get enough food to eat.

    Here are some tips that will help you to learn how to manage stress. Until you manage this part you won't gain much.

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