Weight gain on a budget

some cheap good food sources
  • soya
    Is the cheapest and best source of protein available in the market. It is not only natural and pure but also comes at a low price.

    It can be consumed in different ways. You can make milk or Tofu (cheese) and even grind the beans so create powder and drink it as shake with milk.

  • Sprouts
    Are a great source of protein. According to studies the protein and nutrients in sprout are 2000 times more digestible as compared to normal beans. So sprouts can be a great breakfast.

  • milk
    The wholesome food rich in macronutrients. Other dairy products like cottage cheeze etc can be used too.

  • Banana
    A great source of carbohydrates and instant source of energy. Banana with warm milk is one of the cheapest and best body building supplement available in the market.

  • ashwagandha herb
    The Indian Ginseng! This herb can help promote appetite and remove fatigue.

    I have personally found it to be very effective.

  • Boiled patato
    Quick source of starch energy and proteins. Make sure you do not cook potato in oil or u will end up spending more calories. Potato is a boon if consumed boiled.

    It is highly alkaline and It can help cure disease like rheumatism and other stomach problems.

Exercise equipment (optional)
  • One set of dumbbells and barbells. (with heave weight rings)
  • pull up bar
  • Push up bar

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