Weight gain myths

Want to gain weight? Erase all these thoughts from your mind:
  1. Beer helps you to gain weight

  2. Vegetarians do not get results quickly

  3. Overeating results into weight gain

  4. Working out in the gym for hours will increase your weight

  5. Wine increases body's metabolism

  6. Teens cannot gain weight

  7. People who want to gain weight are not required to count their calories

  8. Eating lots of one thing helps you gain weight

  9. Herbs alone can help you gain weight

  10. Cycling helps in gaining weight

  11. You cannot gain weight without taking protein supplements

  12. You cannot gain weight without going to the GYM

  13. You need lots of money if you want to gain weight

  14. Sex helps in gaining weight

  15. Avoiding sex helps in gaining weight

  16. You lose weight in summers

  17. You gain weight in Winters

  18. Supplements can break the genetics barrier

  19. Oh can we just forget about genetics ?

  20. You need lots of protein supplements to gain weight

  21. There is something called high quality protein supplement (marketing gimmick?)

All these are few facts that are to be ignored. Throw them out of your mind for some time and let's learn about the real facts in the next lesson...

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