Understand metabolism how digestion occurs in our body

Here is a step by step guide that explains the process of digestion in our body:

  1. We eat food
    This is the first step, we must eat slowly and try to chew properly. Relaxed and enjoy the food . At this stage food is mixed with saliva in our mouth which makes the food soft so that it can easily be broken down later on for absorption.

  2. Food Goes into the stomach (mashed up)
    This is the stage when food reaches the stomach and stays there for some time. At this point Stomach stretches in and out to mash the food up and make it soft enough to travel into the intestines.

    This is the time when we feel sleepy and drowsy because the blood from various parts of our body is pumped towards our stomach to aid in digestion process.

  3. Chemical Breaking down of food (Most important stage)
    Gastric juices and acids breaks down the food components to make them ready to be absorbed by the intestines. This is a very important stage in our body and the basic of how our metabolism work

    Our body can produce only certain amount of gastric juices at one time. The amount also changes according to time of the day and our lifestyle.

    It is because of these acids we feel the hunger!

    So it is better to eat little regularly through-out the day so that body can easily create the required acid to break the food down so that it can be absorbed.

    If we do not eat for a longer period of time (and make that a habit) this acid harms the skin and that can results into ulcers!

    - If you starve yourself often, the body will decrease its acid production.

    - If you overeat, the body will run short of the acid and will not be able to digest the extra food and undigested food will create toxins in the body.

    - If you do not chew the food properly the chemical breakdown will not be done properly resulting into undigested food.

    - Body makes more acids in the morning and afternoon than in the evening. So if you are skipping breakfast you are harming yourself. And if you are eating heavy dinner the food will remain undigested!

  4. Final stages
    the intestines absorbs the nutrients and sends it to the arteries which take it through the cells in the body.

    The food passes on through the intestine and goes outside through the anus. It is important that we are in a relaxed mode at this time so that our intestines can absorb the food quickly.

    Stress and tension can result into diarrhea and food will go out without being absorbed.
I have tried to make it simple, hope you got the idea.... in next chapter we will understand how to change the amount of acids our body makes in a healthy way... so that we can gain weight...

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