Proper Nutrition basics for people who want to gain weight

Good nutrition is about eating variety of food, in adequate quantity and in every 2-3 hours.

Your body has a specific calorie requirement which has to be fulfilled. For people who want to gain weight this requirement should be surpassed a little bit. (too much will result into over eating and u will not get any result)

For example

Balanced diet (AKA how should you distribute your calorie requirement)
Now that you understand the basics of calories, its important to know from where you should get these calories from.

There are basically three types of macro-nutrients required by our body:

  • Proteins (the basic building block of muscles)
  • Fats (stored energy for future use)
  • Carbohydrates ( the instant energy source)
Now use nutrition data and make sure you eat food in following Proportions:

Protien : 25%- 30%, Carbs- 50-60% , Fats: 15-20%

This is an ideal balanced diet proportion. Eating too much of anything would never help because even if you eat your body will absorb to its capacity and rest of it will go waste.

Sample diet chart routine:

6:30 AM - One banana (giving your enough carbs to kick start your day)
8:30 AM - one glass of milk/ handful of Sprouts/ Soya milk (high in proteins)
10:00 AM One vegetable sandwich with potato+ vegetables + /cottage cheese OR Omletter/boiled eggs (balanced diet with micro nutrients from vegetables)
12:30 PM Lunch chapati/Brown Bread/Rice with Cereals or cooked vegetables (Source of Carbs proteins and vegetables)
3:00 PM one glass of juice grapes/orange (more energy)
5:00 PM Sandwich (similar to the one at 10 AM)
6:00 PM Exercise
7:00 PM Milk/Boiled Potato
8:30 PM Rice with Cottage cheese/ cereals and vegetables
10:00 PM Before going to bed drink one glass of milk

This routine will help you eat in small portions throughout the day. You can customize this on the basis of your budget and availability of food in your area. (Make sure you follow the basic rule of calorie requirement and portions in food though)

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