Mistakes i made (that has bad impact)

These are the mistakes many people make, doing all this results not only in a low BMI but also bad health and diseases.

Make sure you don't do any of these...
  1. Eating junk food
    So what's the deal with junk food? Why is there such a hype about it? Junk food is something which body has to use energy to work on but does not get anything in return.

    So basically whatever you eat goes waste (junk) and your body has to spend energy to take it through the system. THAT IS WHY junk food is a waste.

  2. Drinking soft drinks
    They are not good, their side effects would show in long term but they will show some day. It's better to drink one glass of juice rather than Coca Cola.

  3. Working in night shifts
    I was use to work in night shift. This impacted my digestive system badly... and my metabolism was completely disturbed.

    "There is an old saying, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise"

    I developed conditions like IBS (a digestive disorder) and diarrhea/constipation. Avoid working in night shifts. It is not good for health...

    It is better to have a daytime job that pays you less than night shift (Health is wealth afterall)

  4. Skipping breakfast all the time
    Another big mistake.

    Our body goes into starvation mode when we do not eat anything for long time. Secondly morning is time when our body needs energy the most.

    If you don't eat anything in the morning your body will decrease it metabolism and requirements (The nature's law of adaptation). Afterwards even if you eat a lot it will not make any difference

  5. Have large gaps between meals
    Our body absorbs nutrients the best when given in small quantities and during a period of time.

    Our body absorbs only a certain bit at one time. So its better to eat little meals spread throughout the day. It will increase the body's metabolism and ability to absorb more from the food.

  6. Over-eating
    What happens when you over eat? Your body is not able to absorb anything because it starts working on getting rid of the extra stuff it has got.

    I am not saying that you should not eat or starve yourself. But listen to your stomach when you eat and not your tongue.

    Most of us eat for pleasure and taste, we forget while eating that the activity of consuming food is a requirement and not a luxury. It has some rules that we need to follow, if we don't we will get the punishment.

  7. Wrong way to exercise
    If you want to gain weight you should not do lot of running or swimming. Anything that involves Cardio exercises should be avoided.

    I was into swimming when i was in school and I always thought that i am already doing swimming and that should make me increase weight. (it never did so)

    So avoid cardio and do more of strength training. Cardio is not the way to go for weight gainers. (but for those who want to lose weight)

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