Importance of resistance training to gain weight

Resistance training involves lifting heavy weight (either equipment or body weight).

Simply put, if you want to gain weight, lift weights!

Why lifting weights gains weights
When we lift weights it damages the cells in our body and body starts to recover for the loss and in the process it starts building more cells to prepare for any future damage.

Body weight Vs equipment
It is always better to get the equipment. Though if you cannot get it for some reason you can still do body weight exercises like Push-ups etc

Mistakes to avoid
  • Do not train everyday (body needs time to recover)

  • Low weights with high number of repetitions will get you results slowly.

  • Do not spend much time in the gym (the workout should be short and intense)

  • Do not start lifting weights without warm ups.

Resistance training tips (things that you must do!)

- lift weight slowly. Lesser the speed better the results.

- Low repetitions with high weights (pushes the body's limits to increase its capacity)

- it does not matter how many times you lift the weight. But how technically sound you lift the weight.

- Keep a gap of minimum 72 hours between exercises. (So that body gets enough time to recover)

- get proper nutrition in this recovery time to aid healing process.

Resistance training is the single most important thing required to gain weight. It is very easy to gain weight with proper technique described here.

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