10 tips on how to increase your metabolism

Before we learn how we can increase our metabolism we should focus a bit on

Why we should have a high metabolism

  • People with high metabolism are healthy.
  • Having a high metabolism means your cells burn more calories (that means that your body is functioning well).
  • High metabolism burns excess body fat.
  • high metabolism helps the body build more muscle tissues
  • It is an indication that body is fit and you have good stamina

In this state body carries out the functions of the body properly. From digestion to immunity levels all depends on our metabolism. Young children have high metabolism rates compared to older people.

How to determine metabolism rate
You can determine your metabolism levels using a parameter called Basal Metabolic rate it tells you how much calories you are burning when you are in resting state (relaxed and not working out) .

To know more about Basal Metabolic rate click here

How to increase your metabolism
So now lets get back to the main topic. You can increase your metabolism:
  1. Eating small meals spread across the day

  2. Resistance training 3 times a in a week (Gap of 72 hours)

  3. Swimming/ jogging once in a week (Avoid too much cardio if you want to gain weight...)

  4. More muscle in your body means higher metabolism (so you should try to increase muscle mass in the body)

  5. Foods that increase metabolism
    - Tea
    - Spices
    - Herbs (Ashwagandha)
    - Citric Fruits (Orange etc)

  6. Waking up early in the morning increases your metabolism (especially if you wake up at around 4 AM)

  7. If you go early to bed.

  8. Say no to junk foods/ beer/ s0ft drinks.

  9. Eat more fresh foods

  10. Yoga helps in assisting well functioning.

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