Basics of genetics and how you can manipulate it

Everyone in my family from my uncles to my father and mother had average BMI.

As a kid i always thought that i will remain like them throughout my life. Thanks to the suggestions i took from people who did not know anything about the subject.

  • Genetics is basically 50% of what your body is.. the rest of the 50% is what you have been doing with your body.

  • Genetics is the basic point from where your body start. Your efforts and lifestyle can influence your health quite a bit. And you can get desired results.

  • Genetics cannot be changed completely but to a certain extent (in some cases results surpass genetics)
So where do genetics come from?
our body has been adapted to the situation around us. Its nature's law to adapt to situation and need.

take example of a Giraffe his long neck is a result of stretching out to eat leaves.

Example of people from Kayan (Burma)
AThese women wear springs that stretches their neck. The result? they have a neck which is 5 times the size of average women.

good example that our body adapts to what we do with it. All we need to do it give it some reason to change.

We need to push our body limits and tell it that weight has to be gained.

Then we will provide it with adequate environment and nutrition so the change is brought in the body. We will win the war over genetics then....

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