Health is wealth

This blog is not just about gaining weight but also about living a healthy life.

Good health is most important thing. We usually do not realize this fact when we are young. We eat junk food and have bad habits that makes our body weaker.

The only thing is that the results of these bad habits show up later in life. Then we start reading books and start educating ourselves about the good and bad foods.

I was use to make fun of my elders who would ask me not to eat junk stuff in the market. I thought that they are boring people who does not need any fun. I was wrong... and i am sure that many skinny and unhealthy guys out there would be doing the same thing.

Any task is accomplished only and only through knowledge and applying what you know. So you need to learn about good foods and apply that in your routine.

Advantages of Good Health
- you do not have any disease
- You are in a good shape
- you have less percentage of Fat
- You do not have to depend on anyone
- You can enjoy life
- you can stay fit mentally and do mental exercises
- You can be successful at work and school

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