Yes, you CAN gain weight!

No matter if you are have been scrawny ever since that you were born, or it is genetics or whatever reason.

Anyone can gain or lose weight. While there is lots of information available for people who want to lose weight. I rarely found any information on gaining weight on internet and elsewhere so it was a bit difficult for me to get the info and try things on myself and get the results.

So i thought i will make this blog and let the information spread amongst other people who want to gain weight and remain healthier through their life.

What i have personally found is that the only way you can gain weight is by learning how exactly human body works. Trust me there are no short cuts.

Yes, but you CAN get quicker results if you follow the rules strictly.

How is it done?
There is no magic pill that will make you a brawny in a week. The approach that i follow is to BRING A CHANGE on HOW YOUR BODY WORKS. Yes, that is the underlying reason why you are thin.

You gotta work on changing the way your body works. Shifting your metabolism. Making your body keeping more muscle than ever before.

And this will come through a combination of exercise and diet and some knowledge on what to eat and what not to eat. The mistakes to avoid the myths to forget.

So keep reading...

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