Diet to gain weight fast

If you ask people on how to gain weight. The only answer you will get is EAT, EAT and EAT!

This is the most common answer for a curious weight gainer. But as you would know eating more never helps you increase your weight. Well eating on time and WHAT you eat does make a difference.

Moreover other than eating a lot more there are many mistakes that should be avoided.

Here are 5 tips that will help you learn on how a person should eat his food when he wants to gain weight:

1. Ideal portions for a balanced diet
You should eat a balanced diet. We hear this everyday from our doctor and read about it in health magazine in newspapers. This is the most important aspect of living a healthier life and it is more important for people who want to gain weight.

The reason why you are under weight is because your body does not absorb the nutrients from the food you consume.

Apart from other reasons that we will discuss, one of the primary reason is not having a balanced diet.

So WHAT the HELL is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is one which contains a variety of nutrients and type of food. For example a breakfast of Banana and Milk which contains - 35% protein, 40% carb and 15% Fat is a balanced diet. Your body needs all of the above mentioned nutrients to help itself grow big.

For heaven's sake, do not increase protein intake too much that your body cannot absorb. Do not avoid eating fats and carbs. They both are essential sources of energy in the body and have their own importance.

2. Herbs for gaining weight
Traditional herbs from India and China can be very effective in increasing your appetite and metabolism so that you can gain good muscle. These herbs have virtually no side effects and are tested and accepted well in the medical fraternity.

Herbs like Ginseng and Ashwagandha (Withemna Somnifera) are considered to be the best to increase your appetite and build strength. These herbs are used in remote villages in these developed countries to not only to gain weight and strength but to also increase body's immunity to various other diseases.

If you do not know much about herbs it is always better to consult your doctor.

3. Ideal breakfast time
Do you skip your breakfast? I find this habit in many people especially these days when they have no time. When you don't have breakfast your body goes in starvation mode and start absorbing less food. This not only results in weight loss but also fatigue and lethargy.

Breakfast can help you get gains immediately. You should eat something within 10 minutes you wake up! Yes, a glass of milk shake and Banana or other fruit can be a great choice. This will help your body to increase its metabolism and ask for more food.

4. Natural sources of weight gaining supplements
Sprouts are the best natural body building supplements. Various studies have shown that legumes and other seeds once sprouted dramatically increase the nutrient portions and can be easily digestible.

This is the best and cheapest source of weight gaining supplement.

5. Proteins, fats and Carbs (which ones to eat and not)
Do not eat too much of protein. Do not stop taking fats in your diet. Neither you should think that carbs do not help your body in building muscle.

While any type of protein is good for your body but you should have a variety of protein food sources in your diet chart. Hence, if you eat a variety of protein your body will easily be able to digest.

Fats can help your body in gaining weight. But you should not eat saturated fats. These are not good for your body.

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